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about me

name: renee
age: twelve-and-a-half
school: boobien
birthday: may 13th
likes: anime, rock music, food, money, talking, the internet, web design, my friends, and myself.
dislikes: monkeys, people who draw from how-to-draw books, posers, people who are full of themselves, when you're at somebody else's house and they don't let you use the computer except for when they use the bathroom, and neopets freaks.
my obsession: anime. i love it all! especially- fushigi yuugi, inuyasha, fushigi yuugi, ranma 1/2, rayearth, fushigi yuugi, ceres, miyazaki films (spirited away is my favorite-est movie of all time!), alice 19th, trigun, cowboy bebop, kare kano, kkj, full moon wo sagashite, and fushigi yuugi.
my survey(s):

You & Your Basic Info

gender:: girly
people say you look like...:: renee, nobody famous if thats what you're asking. i hate it when isabell says i have an olsen-twin nose!
describe your personality:: extremely loud, outgoing, ect. i suppose i'm a drifter. i have friends in many different groups.
age:: old enough
how old do you wish you were:: meh, 14
height:: 5 ft 4 1/4 inches
weight:: same as isabella hair style:: signature braids
shoe size:: 10, an 8 in guys
anything you'd change about yourself?:: i got a little acne.. anyother major changes would scare me.. i'm used to looking at myself.

Yes or No

gotten into a fight?:: no, not really. not a physical fight.
hit somebody:: yep
coke?:: no
pepsi?:: yes
met someone famous:: u2, tyra banks...yes.
ever been kissed?:: nope
boyfriend?:: no-siree
made anyone cry?:: yes
broken a heart?:: not that i know of
eaten raw eggs?:: yes
farted in public?:: i'm sure i have sometime
burped in public?:: a lot
joined an all-you-can-eat-contest?:: no
ever had an exotic pet?:: no

Your Friends

smartest:: syd
nicest:: all of then are nice..ish
prettiest:: oh, i dont know..
shortest:: colleen
coolest:: sarah
loudest:: me
best singer:: genny
mellowest:: me or genny
most like you:: syd
most athletic:: dana
ditziest:: liz
funniest:: me-jk
most annoying:: JULIETTE!!!!!
who you've had the most common urge to stab:: juliette
forgetful:: liz
who you'll most likely be friends with in college::syd