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Welcome to the Lair of the Nerd

That's right! I am the All-Powerful Uber Nerd. All you who don't know me may be asking "Why is this kid classified as a nerd?"
Why I am a nerd:

1. I did not use a website making program to make this website. I made it myself using PURE HTML CODE. Anybody who uses a program to make their website is a n00b.
2. I make programs on my calculator to do my math homework, pleasing the people who sit next to me.
3. I make programs with no meaning on my calculator and I choose to.
4. I can program in C++
5. I'm on a Physics Team called the Surfing Ninjas and we competed in a Physics Competition on May 26, 2004, and we won first place.
7. I wear floodpants.
8. I have braces.
9. I am learning Algebra 2/trig in 7th grade.
10. I can make my teachers(Levin) cry at will (its called correcting them)
11. I am a Gifty.

Even though I do classify myself as a nerd, I am slightly un-nerdy in some ways:

1. I'm not as bad at sports as Chris.
2. I play hockey. Odd for a nerd don't you think?
3. I play guitar...kinda...sorta...not really.
4. I however am going to learn it better and eventually become the rhythm guitarist in the SEIZURES! (rock on!)
5. I don't do any of my homework.
6. I DON'T like Star Trek; I've never watched an episode and don't plan to in this lifetime.

Quote of the day: "Never chug a carbonated drink and then eat candy. You will be very sick." Book of Jacob *:*

See what a little work can do? Well, the code for all of this page is below (without the code below and the statement), just copy and paste it.

Let me know if there are any problems with it. And oh, yeah, this proves I'm better at HTML than you :P