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css & codes for jacob. and anyone else.

jacob, after looking at your site, i decided it needed a mini makeover. so, below is a tutorial on the css and tables that you can use to make your site a lot better. (and i'll even let you keep your annoying color scheme.)

okay, first, lets fix your links. they don't need to be underlined. you can fix this simply with css. your css, if any, would read like this:

{ text-decoration: underline; color:#990000}
{ text-decoration: underline; color:#FFCC00}
{ text-decoration: underline; color:#0000EE}
{ text-decoration: underline; cursor: wait}

i may not have a few of the colors right, but i know that you can change the underline. so, replace "text-decoration: underline;" with "text-decoration: none;" and there will be no underline. you can also change the colors so they all match, or if you like the color scheme, then leave it.

i take it you already know the scrollbar css codes, so i'll skip that. to change the font, without changing the font of the whole page, copy and paste this in the beginning of each text layer.

when i give you the code for your new, finished page, the above will all be in the css, so you won't need it. i'm giving it to you anyways in case you decide not to use it.

your page is seperated by horizontal and veritcal rules, which doesn't look very good. you could easily fix it with tables. simple tables are edited while you type, and might show up like this:

A simple table
Name School Year
Sarah Beaubien 2004
Kristen Stone 2004

the font may show up rather large, but you get the point. the table code i'm giving you will be more advanced. it will have a pre-set width and will only elongate when you type. the page will look more oragenized with this. (there is only two collums because i don't see any need for you to have two navigations.

now all that's left to do is add your image and text (which i've done), and you're all set! below, i recreated your homepage useing all of th information provided above, and a little more css to create the home page on, the one you see when you get there. to see th finished product, click here.