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my review of ubernerd

this is a review following standard website review standards. below you will find the full review and my comments.

site: ubernerd
owner: jacob
site type: personal
score: 38%

first impression: 1/5
i don't like the color combo at all. the black and bright green is very cliche and i don't really like it, it looks somewhat cheap. also, you didn't use div layers, tr/td textboxes, or even frames. you seperated the text with horizontal and vertical rules, which isn't very attracive, and looks bad. also, your css use is very miniscule. i can see that you did use some in the links because the cursors change when you roll over the links and the link colors aren't blue and violet. which is a plus. but, your text font and size are the deafault, and don't look as good as a different font would. but two of my biggest problems were the annoying title; mY uB3R h0(V)eP@Ge!!!!!!!1, and i hate sticky caps and when people type all weird. and the site image is pretty cool, though hard to read. but i can tell you got it from somewhere else because it wasn't customized. and it looked out of place. at first, i thought it was an ad since you are on a free host. it was centered, which is okay, but i would have been better in the context, stretched to fit over the text, or not there at all. overall, not a very good first impression.

design: .5/10
your site didn't have any design at all, really. your image was a generic one that you found somewhere, there is no good color scheme and little css use. again, div layers, which are very simple to use, would have made this page a lot more organized-looking, instead of text filling the whole window. since you had a different background color, and a little css, you got the .5. (also, your layout is not steady, and it changes through out the site. that won't score very high because it looks very unoragized.)

content: 12/20
your site has a lot of good content. most of the reason that i don't like your site a lot is because of the little html/css use, but it has a lot of content, i just don't like the oragization.

home: the homepage has a description of you, which is about right for the homepage of a personal site. this has a lot of imformation (more or less) and some of it is not needed and out of place, being gifted doesn't mean you're a nerd. stereotypically, yes, but not if you know gifties, i'm a giftie, and i'm not a nerd. and my best friend sydney will also be learning all of that crap in math pretty soon, so that's not really nerdy. and making teachers cry (especially levin) isn't nerdy, its easy. but they are somewhat humorous, so overall, it was very content-y.
forum: the forum is cool. it is more related to music and real life than school for a forum for students, but it has a lot of topics. even though the forum was made from a premade script, but you still have it, and this is rating mostly on the content anyway.
cool shit: swearing ecessively is not cool. this page has a different color scheme also, but that already took its deduction. anyways, it has a downlaodable game. that would be awesome if it worked. and it obviously doesn't.
music: i thought that it would have mids or asfs here, but it is just lists. that's a dissapointment. and the page is just lists. i love lists, but the first list is basically the same thing as the last. and i agree with most of your choices too. but brit and avril are very, er, cliche hated music so to speak. i'm not deducting for that, but maybe you should change it.
cool links: all of the links are cool. they, however are un-organized, and just inserted. you could use marquees or self-created buttons. but the content is pretty cool, so its okay. but it could be better.

errors: 2/5
none of the download links worked. all three of them. and all of the other links work to my knowledge.

overall impression: 3.5/10
the content is satisfactory, but the layout makes it look bad. it looks like the website version of a premature baby, but i think that is you read my css tutorial, your site will emmensly improve.